LARGE Abstractions: In The Pink!

“We Dance Until Dawn”
Dimensions: 34″ x 42″

I’m loving my new abstract piece. The charcoal and matte varnish give it something delightfully scruffy. I’m pretty scruffy today and I don’t even care! Until I want to look smart!

Art is like that. Sometimes scruffy, sometimes smart. Sometimes naked and too damn clever for its own good.

I aim for exciting and unpredictable. Not always smart, but you always end up scruffy.

Go figure.

Here are the process shots for this piece. Prints are currently available only by request.

First marks – it’s a start! Keep them fluid, loose and free. Don’t think! Move your hand and body in large gestural movements!
The first colour – I’m attracted to orange today. Bright and warm. I don’t think about it too much but keep it brief and to the point. Step back. Look again.
Second colour – pink loves orange and black and it keeps it in the bright and cheerful zone. Watery drips add texture. Leave it and step back again.
Now we’re getting bolder! This is a tricky stage and I’m using lots of colours! We could end up with mud if we’re not careful. Stop before you start to blend! Let the paint rest for a while and take a break!
Filling in more gaps with subtler colour variants. Now we can knock some of the confusion back with white and a palette knife, for texture.
The ‘finished’ painting! Finishing is really about knowing when to stop!

Choosing when to let it be! I deepened the charcoal line and felt a sense of satisfaction. That’s a success, to me! Its a feeling built from years of trial and error, experimenting and playing!

Thanks for looking! Please leave a like 🤗


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