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Creative Isolation

Now, my memories of dangerous dreams seem prescient. But who would have believed me? Perhaps there is a role for me to play in this after all, because I feel like I’ve been awake and hiding, for too long. It’s time to come out of the closet and shut the door behind us.


An about page. Hm. Boring. Time for a new way of describing the indescribable. Art, and why it is made. My art. Why? What on earth is it all for? I make art because I don’t know what else to do. Nothing else serves… Continue Reading “About”

Kity is Caught In a Weblike Matrix

Kity is caught in a weblike structure. She feels like she is holding onto one of the fibres of the web. It is sticky but was not composed of anything of the physical world. She realizes she is caught in an energy matrix.There was… Continue Reading “Kity is Caught In a Weblike Matrix”

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