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Emergent Being: New Work!

Paranoia is like mud
pouring down upon us,
creating dark corners inside us,
destroying our light.
Our world is restricted,
contained, confined –
Divided and locked within itself…and yet…

LARGE Abstractions: In The Pink!

I’m loving my new abstract piece. The charcoal and matte varnish give it something delightfully scruffy. I’m pretty scruffy today and I don’t even care! Until I want to look smart! Art is like that. Sometimes scruffy, sometimes smart. Sometimes naked and too damn… Continue Reading “LARGE Abstractions: In The Pink!”

Meet Me In The SUNDAY STUDIO! Live painting studio pilot

Woohoo! I’m back and painting again and I made a little video to prove it! Tune in, if you will, tomorrow (Sunday 20th Sept 2020) for the pilot episode of SUNDAY STUDIO and show me you are game by watching, liking and subscribing! That… Continue Reading “Meet Me In The SUNDAY STUDIO! Live painting studio pilot”

Social Distance?

We are so close to our essential nature when we touch. Look how important it becomes when our essentialism is threatened. Appreciate your togetherness lest you are torn from the fabric of life. At that special time, be well with your personal space!

Tectonic Shift

I’m literally running out of colours as I run down and exhaust my paint supplies. However, I have lots of black. Haven’t we all? Love black! 😍 Why I’ve not worked in monochrome before baffles me?! I love it! Simple with just a blush… Continue Reading “Tectonic Shift”

Moon Axis

The moon has been causing things to break apart recently. Most notably my mind, my soul, my heart. All the important places. Learn to know, when its time to let go!

Opposites Attract

I think this is my most abstract-like-abstract piece ever…I think so! 🤔 Why? Because its minimalist, and minimalism is hard. The thing is, it felt like a triumph just to be able to STOP! Can you relate to how hard it is to stop,… Continue Reading “Opposites Attract”

Ghost of a Chance

I love the textures of nature and this is like a garden for the eye. My son could see all sorts in here. There’s a ghost of a chance we might make something out of nothing. Abstract art is great practice for the brain… Continue Reading “Ghost of a Chance”

Purple Haze

I’m tired. Can you tell? Its been a busy and emotional week and today’s effort looks like a dreamy haze of texture, just like my tired brain. I’m wondering if it needs some flowers? I hope you find your dreamy hazy self this evening.… Continue Reading “Purple Haze”

Rebel Flight

Its time for the rebels to fly! Enquiries welcome 😉 I have since edited this piece and it now looks like this…

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