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Earth Power Rising: finished artwork now available! 😅

abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape

Here it is! My new work! I’m quite pleased with it as it’s my first large oil on canvas for a while and I’m already churning with new ideas for my next piece, which means I’ve made a decision to stop here, though of… Continue Reading “Earth Power Rising: finished artwork now available! 😅”

…and it was all ORANGE!

As you can probably see already, it’s all gone a bit orange here! I told my friend yesterday that Orange was the future…it was a phone company too, once upon a time but, hey, orange is a colour that is uplifting and that will… Continue Reading “…and it was all ORANGE!”

Painting of The Day: “Lean Into It”

Using oil on Somerset heavyweight cartridge paper, sized with rabbit skin glue…. Time: approx 2.5 hrs Place: Abbotsbury Studios Model: Thea

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