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Emergent Being: New Work!

Paranoia is like mud
pouring down upon us,
creating dark corners inside us,
destroying our light.
Our world is restricted,
contained, confined –
Divided and locked within itself…and yet…

Tectonic Shift

I’m literally running out of colours as I run down and exhaust my paint supplies. However, I have lots of black. Haven’t we all? Love black! 😍 Why I’ve not worked in monochrome before baffles me?! I love it! Simple with just a blush… Continue Reading “Tectonic Shift”

Ghost of a Chance

I love the textures of nature and this is like a garden for the eye. My son could see all sorts in here. There’s a ghost of a chance we might make something out of nothing. Abstract art is great practice for the brain… Continue Reading “Ghost of a Chance”

Rebel Flight

Its time for the rebels to fly! Enquiries welcome 😉 I have since edited this piece and it now looks like this…

Earth Power Rising: finished artwork now available! 😅

abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape

Here it is! My new work! I’m quite pleased with it as it’s my first large oil on canvas for a while and I’m already churning with new ideas for my next piece, which means I’ve made a decision to stop here, though of… Continue Reading “Earth Power Rising: finished artwork now available! 😅”


I started out by painting a random shape that I thought looked like a desert rock formation or perhaps a Dr. Seuss drawing.


This painting was done over a few months with many reworks and lots of daring obliterations, which I will document for you later. I was particularly inspired by DeKooning for this one and his relentless layering and the building of texture. 


I can’t say too much about this painting’s inspired origins because it’s wildly personal, suffice to say, it really happened;) Much of my work is autobiographical and draws from direct experience represented in the wild clashes of color and reflective materials that I frequently… Continue Reading “ENTANGLEMENT”


I started this painting on Christmas day 2017 and it emerged chunk by chunk until the new year.
It felt like a very primal painting to make, it was very spontaneous and I spent very little time editing. It all came out fully formed and I enjoyed the childlike splodges of paint enough to admonish myself to leave them be!

Grace Under Pressure

Bright colourful exuberant art: Acrylic expressionist painting by Phoebe Thomasson

The paint is still drying and I am pleased enough with this one to show you straight away. Acrylic on Canvas 91x123cm 36x48in

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