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Small Is Powerful

Topic of the day: Mycoplasm and tiny but powerful things!!! So, I’m listening to a Bushcraft podcast and the guy is relaying his trouble with pain. I’m like – yeah! I get all that! He mentions mycoplasma so I look it up. Here’s the… Continue Reading “Small Is Powerful”

Creative Isolation

Now, my memories of dangerous dreams seem prescient. But who would have believed me? Perhaps there is a role for me to play in this after all, because I feel like I’ve been awake and hiding, for too long. It’s time to come out of the closet and shut the door behind us.

When The Going Gets Tough…. have fun with it!

a skull and crossbones drawing art by phoebe thomasson artist

There is no better therapy in the world than friends and humour, good food and red wine.  

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