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Glyphs & Cyphers

A mini abstract series with the famous Barnett Newman “zip” in copper metallic. Barnett Newman was one of the New York school of abstract artists and made lots and lots of “zip” paintings. Was inspired to use the zip device in 2018 when I… Continue Reading “Glyphs & Cyphers”

On The Way to The Mitote

“The shamans walk in steady silence as they mount the hill, one by one, they arrive, from far and wide, in magical unison for their medicine journey tonight. The Mitote is upon them. Kity is among them and the solemnity they feel is the… Continue Reading “On The Way to The Mitote”

Stay in Touch; Get Involved

a buddha with the moon and spirals

Making art, alone, in peace is a wonderful thing. It’s the ultimate act of communion with one’s higher self and the muses that flit through. Like a sacred ceremony it feeds me and it magically speeds up my thought processing speed, and my feelings… Continue Reading “Stay in Touch; Get Involved”

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