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Making A Difference? I Hope So!

a woman's face with red lips and flame hair

Well Dorset Art Weeks is all done for this year. The signs are down and the unsold paintings are finding their way back into storage slots and cupboards in my studio. The pieces that have sold are all getting Certificates of Authenticity and Thank… Continue Reading “Making A Difference? I Hope So!”

It’s Nearly Over!

bright and bold painting abstract with a hint of a figure

Dorset Art Weeks 2016 has been a phenomenal success for me! I’ve enjoyed many visitors, all of whom (bar one or two weirdo’s) has given me great feedback and encouragement! Thank you so much to everyone who has visited and commented, taken a card,… Continue Reading “It’s Nearly Over!”

Dorset Art Weeks: Exhibition News

sign on a lamp post for dorset art weeks 2016 showing the way to venue 72 phoebe thomasson art

Well this past week has taught me a lot about marketing my art. Simply talking about it to interested strangers has done loads for my confidence. As an artist it has given me new vigor and I’m back in the studio playing with oil… Continue Reading “Dorset Art Weeks: Exhibition News”

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