Take Care of Your Five Metres

If we were to take care of what is around us, within our five metres, how would the world be then?

What if we quit looking at the internet and started paying attention to what is around us?

What if we let go of our ego, for five minutes and realized that the small egoic “I” that we thinks rules the roost, is in fact, an illusion?

Have you spent one minute being present to the moment?

Have you spent one minute feeling the feelings of those around you and subsumed yourself to their needs and desires? Have you?

Maybe you are a natural giver. I’m talking to the ones who are the beneficiaries of your grace and talent for giving. I’m talking to those of us who have yet to fully embrace the beauty and relativity of the art of giving. I’m talking to the takers, the receivers… You know who you are.

We need to forget ourselves.

Stop thinking of what you are as important. I know it’s hard because we want to feel that we are relevant. Without the feeling of being relevant, I think we feel lost. We need to get beyond this. We need to get beyond feeling like we are only relevant when we are doing something we think of or deem as “important”.

Oh my gosh. This is such important stuff that we are losing in the matrix of our minds.

We are so self centred because that’s what we have been programmed to be. We have been programmed to be like this because we are then the willing servants of whoever can move us to action.

This is a problem; a huge problem that comes down to motivation or lack thereof.

Why are we not motivated to love?

I think the reason lies within our minds. Our minds rule us, and we despise, or we have been taught to despise those who are motivated by basic human motivations.

In other words, we judge those who have no ulterior motive than just to survive this moment, selflessly giving themselves over to what they are dealing with. Poverty and lack of resources come to mind as a basic lack for many dispossessed peoples who are lost because of cultural displacement and unrest.

I’ve been there. I’ve lived hand to mouth. I’ve lived on the streets where your very existence depends on your peer group. You have no money or resources and you are totally dependent on the kindness of strangers.

In every stranger is a potential friend.

Let us remember to practice our humanity. Especially in challenging situations. If we all attend to the five metres radius around us, then just maybe, the world would be a brighter place.

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