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Emergent Being: New Work!

Paranoia is like mud
pouring down upon us,
creating dark corners inside us,
destroying our light.
Our world is restricted,
contained, confined –
Divided and locked within itself…and yet…

Social Distance?

We are so close to our essential nature when we touch. Look how important it becomes when our essentialism is threatened. Appreciate your togetherness lest you are torn from the fabric of life. At that special time, be well with your personal space!

Tectonic Shift

I’m literally running out of colours as I run down and exhaust my paint supplies. However, I have lots of black. Haven’t we all? Love black! 😍 Why I’ve not worked in monochrome before baffles me?! I love it! Simple with just a blush… Continue Reading “Tectonic Shift”

Ghost of a Chance

I love the textures of nature and this is like a garden for the eye. My son could see all sorts in here. There’s a ghost of a chance we might make something out of nothing. Abstract art is great practice for the brain… Continue Reading “Ghost of a Chance”

Glyphs & Cyphers

A mini abstract series with the famous Barnett Newman “zip” in copper metallic. Barnett Newman was one of the New York school of abstract artists and made lots and lots of “zip” paintings. Was inspired to use the zip device in 2018 when I… Continue Reading “Glyphs & Cyphers”

New Abstract Art

In the weirdness of the lockdown, I have managed to really knuckle down to some new work. It’s deeper and more resilient than ever before! Hope you enjoy it! Please leave a like and check back soon for more.

Wet Paint: Love Melts Walls – acrylic on canvas – Fresh Original Studio Art!

Quick…its dripping graffiti! Literally just made this. The paint is still wet. I’m going to ask £150 for this one!

Grace Under Pressure

Bright colourful exuberant art: Acrylic expressionist painting by Phoebe Thomasson

The paint is still drying and I am pleased enough with this one to show you straight away. Acrylic on Canvas 91x123cm 36x48in

The Kimono Code: A Binary Incantation…

“I am already given to the power that rules my fate……” C.Castaneda
This painting contains genuine binary code, is shiny in the light and a bold statement price of acrylic artwork on linen canvas.

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