An about page. Hm. Boring.

Time for a new way of describing the indescribable.

Art, and why it is made. My art. Why? What on earth is it all for?

I make art because I don’t know what else to do.

Nothing else serves my purpose better than art.

I don’t need anyone else to make art. I don’t need permission.

I just do it. It keeps me happy. It helps me find sanity and meaning in a world that is sometimes cruel, and sometimes benevolent and beyond words in its devastating beauty.

Beauty can be a terrible thing. Everybody wants beauty; particularly the artist. But we know its dangers. It is seductive.

This art thing is a way to love everything. The ugly and misshapen, as well as the beautiful and symmetrical. It’s all worthy! We just don’t see its value until we believe in its worth. Art helps us reevaluate worth, and it can be incredibly valuable.

Our world kind of depends upon our constant reevaluation of our situation.

Art is about changing the game. Reevaluating worth and seeing things differently.

In short, art is about evolution. Always has been. Always will be.

It doesn’t care if you like it! That’s the artist’s concern. Art doesn’t give a fig! It just comes through the nearest willing minion and it possesses her every move. Art chooses the colours. Art creates the texture.

Art is a law, unto itself.


And…If you buy art? Well…

Then we can do it some more! That’s the idea. That, would be good!

That’s all the artist ever wants.

More art.

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