pencil drawing of lion head egyptian goddess sekhmet by artist phoebe thomasson

Sekhmet: Goddess of Strength and Love

It’s January. I needed something a bit stronger; you know how it is!? I was not to be disappointed. Look what I found! I am studying the Egyptian Lion Goddess, Sekhmet. You may have seen her in your travels. I am now seeing her in my visions!


She is a patron of the arts, amongst many other things (she has hundreds of names!) and encourages her image to be reproduced by artists. So watch this space as I delve into the head of a lion and the body of a woman. Powerful stuff!

Sekhmet the lion-headed Egyptian goddess pencil sketch acrylic on canvas by artist Phoebe thomasson
Sekhmet: Work in progress

A3 portrait of Sekhmet: draft in pencil on acrylic & canvas.


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