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Well Dorset Art Weeks is all done for this year. The signs are down and the unsold paintings are finding their way back into storage slots and cupboards in my studio. The pieces that have sold are all getting Certificates of Authenticity and Thank you notes attached.

I’ve spent the past few weeks figuring out how to create a little difference to the people who have supported me in my journey to be a professional artist who actually earns a living from their work!
It’s a dream I know, because not many artists make it thus far. So as ever I am studying again because I want to take the experiences I’ve had over the past two weeks, grow from them and learn how to meet the needs of the art ‘consumer’. Not that art is consumed, but it is certainly appreciated and can act as soul food on the wall! How can I communicate to you just how lovely it is to have bright, succulent, uplifting or resonant, ethereal, ephemeral art on your walls? I can’t really tell you how much I enjoy my own work (because that would be biased of me) but there are now a few more people on the planet who can!

I am starting a new page on this website called ‘The Art Wall’ which is where my art owners and collectors can post photos of my work in situ on their walls. This is where it belongs! Not in my studio forever! I am so grateful to each and every one of you who attended with such great feedback, and to my new collectors BRAVO!

If you have a piece of art made by me somewhere on your walls then please post a photo and a little blurb about what makes this special for you and perhaps why you bought it or how you acquired it to:

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I am in love with expression in all forms; art, poetry, writing, music, dance...I want to inspire creativity, foster understanding and nurture the process of transformation in myself and others. In short, I want to evolve. This requires trust in speaking one's truth and freedom from fear and shame. If we cannot speak our truth without shame, then we have far to go! Join me as I heal my psyche through the creative process and find interesting perspectives as I go about my personal evolution as an artist, mother, and Shaman.

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