photograph by adam white modelin and art by phoebe thomasson

Ladies Alert! Know Your Cycle & Boost Your Creative Genius!!!

Today’s Book Recommendation….I only post what I’ve read and found to be useful…

CODE RED!!! This is a wonderful book for women. It has transformed the way I view my menstrual cycle and given me a boost of Super SHE Powers that have enabled me to be far more effective in my work life and relationships. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

No More Self Sabotage

It’s taken me years to settle down into my self. I’ve never been easy to live with because for half of the month I am a live wire, touch me if you dare; and the rest of it, a wet and soggy cloud with thundery bits and drizzle. Hmm. Not ideal.
When I came across Lisa Lister it was like the proverbial light bulb going on so hard it smashed the filament. I always knew I was hormonal but really I was constantly in trouble, month after month i was depressed and argumentative; the rest of it I couldn’t stop!
I tried so many things over the years including the pill which made my life as non-nonsensical as using a boat to drive on the road. Boats are designed for waves, but no one taught me how to navigate so I just habitually went off course and steered into the rocks! I never wanted it that hard, but without the natural ebb and flow things were as flat as a pancake.
After years of rocking the boat, to continue the analogy I just started reading everything about hormones and eventually ended up here.
I love this book so much it has really helped me in so many ways. What a boost in confidence to know that it is not you going round the bend (even though I did for years, because that’s what they told me!) but it is the natural fluctuation in hormones like Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone to name but the common ones and that each phase had it’s own super SHE powers!
Lisa’s sassy and friendly tone set the stage for some wonderful exploration and top quality empowerment.
Buy it for your daughter, niece or wife if not for yourself. Seriously, this knowledge could transform your life or the lives of the women around you.
Peace In Lovers

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