11 Things I’ve Learned From Going Pro

As of March 20th 2016 I have been in business for one year…. I am looking at the things I’ve learnt about making art in a business-like fashion! Hehe…Here’s what I wrote down in the middle of the night recently as I reflected on my journey so far. Take what is useful and discard the rest!

  1. Keep starting new stuff
  2. Go with the energy of the moment
  3. Pre-pave your success
  4. Keep learning about everything
  5. Keep experimenting
  6. Play
  7. Keep a record of your hours
  8. Include thinking and dreaming time
  9. Be generous with your materials
  10. Follow the muse
  11. Stay awake for opportunities

To generate a body of work it is essential to keep on beginning. Begin new stuff all the time. Keep that excitement going for as long as you can by allowing that fresh, raw energy to be spontaneous and expressive. Stay on the event horizon. Learn to not know what you are doing next. Be so in the moment that you find immersion. Plan until you are comfortable, enable the plan and then let it all go and Let God/Goddess take charge! I call this following the muse. Don’t worry, you won’t keep up for long, at least to begin with. Visualize doing your paintings see yourself developing and then when you actually paint trust that something even better is coming through if you just letgo of the plan.

Plan to create comfort, so you can rest, then when you are rested and ready, get uncomfortable on the edge of your seat as you drop all your plans and let HER take you over.

Learn to Not Know What You Are Doing!

Space out, Zone out, Check out thought BUT Choon Into Impulse; that thing you’ve been taught to ignore; un-ignore your compulsion.


Art for sale….make it yours!

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