acrylic on canvas painting by artist phoebe thomasson
Holding the worlds together, I feel grace under pressure…

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 48 in

INFLUENCES: Picasso, Klimt, Phillip Guston, Cecily Brown

I started “Grace” on Christmas day 2017 and it emerged chunk by chunk until the new year…

It really does represent what I was feeling at the time; like the worlds were needing to be held up lest they crush me as I dance through the hard grind of the dark festive season, trying desperately to maintain my ‘jolly’ status. You know the feeling.

It felt like a very primal painting to make, it was very spontaneous and I spent very little time editing. It all came out fully formed and I enjoyed the childlike splodges of paint enough to admonish myself to leave them be!

It’s too easy to overwork a painting and sometimes is good to step away, straight away! The only things that came later were the defining outline and the gold leaf, which of course is an homage to Klimt.

This amorphous dancing being has the best gold pants which shine brightly in the sunlight. However, it is super hard to get a good photo of shiny stuff, so you just have to come and see it in the flesh!

Please come and view the painting for yourself by making an appointment.

Contact me directly for a private viewing:

m: 07536115930

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