abstract painting by phoebe thomasson
APACHE: Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 100 x 60 cm

This is a complicated one to describe. I started out by painting a random shape that I thought looked like a desert rock formation or perhaps a Dr. Seuss drawing. It developed over time with dots, squares, rectangles, and drips. My photographer friend who is very well acquainted with Portland, our local coastal prominence, said it was pretty much a map of the coastline so I was inclined to keep it as it was for a year or so.

Apache started out in fluorescent paint and I gradually added dots, drips and gold leaf strips left over from my late dad’s bookbinding/embossing projects. It was laced with gold and goodness, but yet it wasn’t resonating with that special something…

Then, later this year, after my exhibition had come and gone, with the bravery of a warrior, I took to this with black paint! My ethos and my understanding are that, if you don’t like it, do something with it. That means its obliteration time! Fortunately, I was in a good mood and seemed to know when to stop. This doesn’t always happen, so I was delighted when ‘Apache’ found itself. Interestingly the layers of the underpainting are still fully visible in the rich texture of the piece, which means not only is it now a very unusual painting but has got that special vibe of wildish freedom, and THAT is what it’s all about!

Oh, and about ‘Obliteration’… that’s the best part of my work, but used to be the worst, ever! More about how I approach that process in a later blog.

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