large colourful painting of abstract figures in acrylic on canvas by artist phoebe thomasson
What tangled webs we weave when the chemicals of love flow wildly…

I can’t say too much about this painting’s inspired origins because it’s wildly personal, suffice to say, it really happened;)

Much of my work is autobiographical and draws from direct experience represented in the wild clashes of color and reflective materials that I frequently use. It really does look like my life when I’m on a creative bender, which happens from time to time.

I work best when inspired by life itself, and there is nothing like being entangled with someone you shouldn’t be, to get the neurons racing.

It’s kind of about sex. yeah. It is… but it’s divine!

Acrylic on canvas

36 x 48 in

To see this work in person please call me directly: 07536115930

About Phoebe Thomasson

I am in love with expression in all forms; art, poetry, writing, music, dance...I want to inspire creativity, foster understanding and nurture the process of transformation in myself and others. In short, I want to evolve. This requires trust in speaking one's truth and freedom from fear and shame. If we cannot speak our truth without shame, then we have far to go! Join me as I heal my psyche through the creative process and find interesting perspectives as I go about my personal evolution as an artist, mother, and Shaman.

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