As a Matter of Fact…it’s all about Fiction; NEW paintings!

My latest offerings are painted in acrylic on loose canvas. I was responding to the crazy alien times in which we find ourselves. Surreal, virtual, dystopian…and curiously flat!! (Sugar comedown!?)

Like a candy-counter culture 
we are drowning
in a multicoloured haze
of compartmentalized rabbit holes through which we tumble
into the arms
of another crazy sugar high!

Where is the ground beneath my feet?! Gone I tell ya!
Gone to the candy man in the Sky! It's all a ruse!
He's way too high to think about the likes of you and I.
Slow down candy man!
The rot's gonna get ya!

No spaceship gunna whisk you away! You way too rotton man!
To the core, I tell ya!...
He's gunna fall...

That's a fact, in fact
not fiction.
It's all about our
Big Addiction.

Power in sugar,

Get a load of that
It will leave you flat...
Matter of Fact and Fiction
Fiction and Fact of the Matter

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Peace☮️ & Love❤️

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