On The Way to The Mitote

“The shamans walk in steady silence as they mount the hill, one by one, they arrive, from far and wide, in magical unison for their medicine journey tonight. The Mitote is upon them.

Kity is among them and the solemnity they feel is the seriousness they need for the night ahead.

The virtual battle is about to be fought.

Who will prevail?

The dark?

The light?

Or both, against a common enemy?

Both are needed tonight.

The moon is nearing its full brightness and The spirits are dancing in anticipation. Every nerve is electric. Every ear alert.

Kity is a warrior princess and Knight of the Realm. She is gifted in the medicine arts and the fighting crafts alike. She straddles both worlds that would tear the lesser in two. She brings levity and balance, but she’s just about to lose her head!”

From my illustrated stories about Kity Ren, now being created.

Kity Ren and The Mermaid of Ope Cove…

Something to remember the past by and learn about the present.


Kity Ren and The Argent Fire

…a love story of profoundly magical power 🔋

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