a buddha with the moon and spirals

Stay in Touch; Get Involved

Making art, alone, in peace is a wonderful thing. It’s the ultimate act of communion with one’s higher self and the muses that flit through. Like a sacred ceremony it feeds me and it magically speeds up my thought processing speed, and my feelings of ease and oneness with life. Ah! Bliss! However, the completion of the life-cycle of a painting depends on the viewer and the buyer too, (that’s YOU!) or frankly, what’s the point other than a completely self-serving exercise in navel gazing? I know it feels good to navel gaze, I will never deny it, but it’s even better when the result of all that sweat and introspection is appreciated, loved and taken on a new adventure out into the world.

I’d love to hear your feedback on my work, whether you like it or not and how it might brighten up your life by appearing in another incarnation? I’m not above cushion covers and fun pencil cases but I’ll wait to hear from you first before making that leap…

colourful tribal lines form an intricate pattern like a map from above
Acrylic on paper, original is now in a beautiful frame!


I’ve thought long and hard about making prints available of my work and frankly why not? Although they will be made to order, as I don’t need any more ‘stuff’ in my life! After all, I’m still trying to be a minimalist, but frankly that’s a very difficult thing when your constantly making more stuff!

a semi abstract bust of an alien looking woman in silver with red hair in front of a golden tower sun and moon
The Scientist computes the bits of information downloaded directly from the natural world in her search for the grail of knowledge…


So there you have two new images in your life that you may never have seen before. In a world replete with gorgeous and amazing imagery, I wonder how long you will stop and wonder at what I was wondering when I painted these. They ain’t no photos… this is Hart Work. Enjoy!

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