…and it was all ORANGE!

As you can probably see already, it’s all gone a bit orange here! I told my friend yesterday that Orange was the future…it was a phone company too, once upon a time but, hey, orange is a colour that is uplifting and that will never change!

I’ve just moved my studio into our garage, which is getting a refurb and there is a new space for me so I can finally get back to working with my all-time favorite, but very messy, and smelly OIL paint….ahhh. I’m surrounded by fumes so I’m a bit off my head right now.

And my website is going to expand and evolve over the next few weeks and months with updates coming more often, so do follow me if you like art, and a laugh, as there is much more to come!

My new FB page is now up @brightmoonstudio


I made circles with old lids and scraped into the paint with a plastic bag and then I used the end of a brush to score into the wet paint. I had forgotten the joys of working with oils.

I’ve started using surgical gloves whilst painting with oils. That helps immensely. I can’t believe I never thought of it before! Weird? I’ve been painting with acrylics for so long now, and I never worried about getting them on my hands, but this stuff is nasty…but doesn’t it look amazing! So vibrant.

So, the inspiration; the sunflower embroidery was my nan’s. It will also be the focus of attention in October. More about that later!

Right now it’s a secret.

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