The landscape of a Dorset life, in photos…

Welcome to the photographic section. Over the years I’ve collected some evocative images of the Dorset landscape, being out and about, as artists are prone to do, as we forage for inspiration like pigs dig for truffles…

Here are my truffles. The select few from my collection, that made it here. More to follow soon.

All prints are made using the highest quality materials, so will last for years on your walls.

photograph of portland dorset coastal village rooftops by phoebe thomasson
The Colourful Village of Fortuneswell in Portland, Dorset

Giclee Print of “The Colourful Village” by Phoebe Thomasson

Quintessential Dorset beauty. A birds-eye view overlooking the hillside village of Fortuneswell, Portland. Rugged and weathered, there are so many treats for the eye that loves a good patina!


Mossy rooftops photograph of coastal village portland dorset by phoebe thomasson @brightmoonstudio
Mossy Rooftops on The Cliffs of Portland

Giclee Print of “Mossy Portland Rooftops” by Phoebe Thomasson

The artistic merits of weathered landscapes and archetecture are obvious in this rooftop view of Fortuneswell in Portland. Everything about this place is magically rugged and constantly changeing with the weather.


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