Spiky Shoots


oil on paper by phoebe thomasson
SPIKY SHOOTS by Phoebe Thomasson

Spiky Shoots

Oil on paper. Abstract. Unframed.

73.5 x 53 cm

Artist Direct Price: £370

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Spiky Shoots or sap rockets depicting growth and pushing up through the undergrowth!

It’s one of the first of my new paintings created in oils in my new studio. It’s a bit of a process piece, getting used to the medium again.

I started off with high-quality cartridge paper taped to a board, sealed with Gesso then used a plastic bank card to squeegee the paint onto the dried, sealed paper.

I thought, ‘Well that works, let’s carry on!’. The rest was basically going crazy with the palette knife and squeezing and mixing directly onto the paper.

Lots of scraping off ensued and the green became quite muddy, like grass and undergrowth but the Cadmium yellow shone through so I decided to leave the murky green, which on reflection is the colour of algae!



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Product page – BUY THIS PAINTING!

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oil on paper by phoebe thomasson
New growth pushes through the murky undergrowth!

Artist Direct Price: Spiky Shoots £370

Product page – BUY THIS PAINTING!

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