Earth Power Rising

abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape
From the depths of the earth comes the power of fire rising up into the land where the cave dwellers live and the lights in the sky are anchored to the earth like shining trees in a turquoise sky.

This work is available in print form only. For purchase enquiries please use the contact form and state the name of the work and the dimensions you require.

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Getting Plastered on a…Monday?

Lockdowns around the world may have affected us all quite differently, but they were certainly dramatic for everyone! Here at bright-moon HQ, our answer to the endless empty hours of ‘no-social-life’ was to rip out the tatty 1980’s fitted kitchen and banish it from existence. A year later we have a floor sorted and have … More

Analyze This! Making Something Outta Nothing…

I self medicate with art, sleep, tears and acceptance… p.t. Not a lot to show this week, though I have been writing quite a bit. I’ve been depressed, hence why black & white feels appropriate. Depression is a weird thing. I’ve struggled with it my whole life. I think, because I overthink, therefore I’m busy … More

En Plein Air & Sunshine at The Beach!

I spent a lovely few hours on the beach today getting my pencils and paint out for the first time this year! It’s been too chilly for Plein Air work until now, (for me anyway) and it felt great to be out in the sun by the surf again. Painting and drawing have always been … More

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