abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape

Earth Power Rising

abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape
From the depths of the earth comes the power of fire rising up into the land where the cave dwellers live and the lights in the sky are anchored to the earth like shining trees in a turquoise sky.

This work is available in print form only. For purchase enquiries please use the contact form and state the name of the work and the dimensions you require.

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Take Care of Your Five Metres

If we were to take care of what is around us, within our five metres, how would the world be then? What if we quit looking at the internet and started paying attention to what is around us? What if we let go of our ego, for five minutes and realized that the small egoic…


Your vendetta travels with you; caught up in your spellI dance to the beat of your drum. It is not my drum.I try to give it back but you won’t take it!I can’t play this drum,for the skin is smeared with blood you are waiting to spill. Travel has a way of making you see…

Feeling kinda sticky…

Well we’re still here. I’ve been so busy that I’ve not done an awful lot of art recently so I’ve not got much to show, except my trusty stick figures are, well, sticking around! Here’s today’s offering. 🤗 Is it even possible? Is it a myth that we can truly hold this thing together when…

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