Earth Power Rising

abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape
From the depths of the earth comes the power of fire rising up into the land where the cave dwellers live and the lights in the sky are anchored to the earth like shining trees in a turquoise sky.

This work is available in print form only. For purchase enquiries please use the contact form and state the name of the work and the dimensions you require.

More art from Phoebe on her blog…

Emergent Being: New Work!

Paranoia is like mud
pouring down upon us,
creating dark corners inside us,
destroying our light.
Our world is restricted,
contained, confined –
Divided and locked within itself…and yet…

LARGE Abstractions: In The Pink!

I’m loving my new abstract piece. The charcoal and matte varnish give it something delightfully scruffy. I’m pretty scruffy today and I don’t even care! Until I want to look smart! Art is like that. Sometimes scruffy, sometimes smart. Sometimes naked and too damn clever for its own good. I aim for exciting and unpredictable.… Read more LARGE Abstractions: In The Pink!

Small Is Powerful

Topic of the day: Mycoplasm and tiny but powerful things!!! So, I’m listening to a Bushcraft podcast and the guy is relaying his trouble with pain. I’m like – yeah! I get all that! He mentions mycoplasma so I look it up. Here’s the link I found: About Mycoplasms & Symptoms of Pain/Fatigue Could this… Read more Small Is Powerful

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