oil painting on paper by phoebe thomasson

Desert Heat Map

New work alert! This one I did recently. It started with oil straight from the tube and dragged around with an old plastic debit card. I don’t do credit cards, but I’m sure they would work just as well but are more expensive. 😉


It was made quickly at each application. I like to work as fast as possible so that my brain doesn’t get too involved. Never a good idea with art!


The paper is super thick high-quality cartridge. I will find the name later. I stretched it dry onto a board with Gaffer tape, which is wrong, I know but it worked and the paper withstood removal. Amazing!

oil painting on paper by phoebe thomasson
picking up the radiation

Oil on paper

One of my first of a new series using oils as I inhabit my new studio in the garage!


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