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The Eagles Gift

I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself. Detached and at ease, I… Continue Reading “The Eagles Gift”

On The Way to The Mitote

“The shamans walk in steady silence as they mount the hill, one by one, they arrive, from far and wide, in magical unison for their medicine journey tonight. The Mitote is upon them. Kity is among them and the solemnity they feel is the… Continue Reading “On The Way to The Mitote”

Blood, Sweat and Sat-Nav! Time Away From “It All”…

Gosh I’m relaxed! This is lovely! We’re holidaying in Weare Giffard, North Devon. It’s tranquil here. There is no kitchen and no clutter and the views are idyllic. What is your “It all” that you need time away from? Mine is the chaos and… Continue Reading “Blood, Sweat and Sat-Nav! Time Away From “It All”…”

‘Seeing’ Art In The Everyday Occurrence

The best art comes from direct ‘seeing’. For instance, just now, a plant is casting a lovely shadow on a manilla sketch book. I see it. I pick up a pencil and draw around the shadow. It is a decision. Now I have an… Continue Reading “‘Seeing’ Art In The Everyday Occurrence”

Creative Surgery 101: Possible Hard Feelings About ‘Art Making’ Itself!

Once you understand that Creative Block is intimately entwined with your feeling body, and your psyche or mind, then you can make real progress real fast!

When The Going Gets Tough…. have fun with it!

a skull and crossbones drawing art by phoebe thomasson artist

There is no better therapy in the world than friends and humour, good food and red wine.  

Ladies Alert! Know Your Cycle & Boost Your Creative Genius!!!

photograph by adam white modelin and art by phoebe thomasson

Today’s Book Recommendation….I only post what I’ve read and found to be useful… CODE RED!!! This is a wonderful book for women. It has transformed the way I view my menstrual cycle and given me a boost of Super SHE Powers that have enabled… Continue Reading “Ladies Alert! Know Your Cycle & Boost Your Creative Genius!!!”

11 Things I’ve Learned From Going Pro

As of March 20th 2016 I have been in business for one year…. I am looking at the things I’ve learnt about making art in a business-like fashion! Hehe…Here’s what I wrote down in the middle of the night recently as I reflected on… Continue Reading “11 Things I’ve Learned From Going Pro”

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