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An about page. Hm. Boring. Time for a new way of describing the indescribable. Art, and why it is made. My art. Why? What on earth is it all for? I make art because I don’t know what else to do. Nothing else serves… Continue Reading “About”

Creative Surgery 101: Possible Hard Feelings About ‘Art Making’ Itself!

Once you understand that Creative Block is intimately entwined with your feeling body, and your psyche or mind, then you can make real progress real fast!

Making A Difference? I Hope So!

a woman's face with red lips and flame hair

Well Dorset Art Weeks is all done for this year. The signs are down and the unsold paintings are finding their way back into storage slots and cupboards in my studio. The pieces that have sold are all getting Certificates of Authenticity and Thank… Continue Reading “Making A Difference? I Hope So!”

Artistic Meltdowns & Organizational Epiphanies…

a silver alien head with red hair sun moon and gold temple by artist phoebe thomasson

Getting SORTED!!!… Well we are in the final week of preparation now for Dorset Art Weeks 2016 and it’s a bit of a scramble so I am wondering what titbits of wisdom and advice I can administer for your own creative deadlines and projects?… Continue Reading “Artistic Meltdowns & Organizational Epiphanies…”

Dorset Art Weeks 2016: Open Studio’s May 28 – June 12

semi abstract painting of a nude woman by phoebe thomasson artist dorset uk

Dorset Art Weeks 2016 Open Studio & Exhibition… Well I’m not freaking out at all. Much. No really I’m quite chilled for my first major exhibition in years, and I’m not in the slightest bit ready! No that’s a barefaced lie…I’ve done loads of… Continue Reading “Dorset Art Weeks 2016: Open Studio’s May 28 – June 12”

11 Things I’ve Learned From Going Pro

As of March 20th 2016 I have been in business for one year…. I am looking at the things I’ve learnt about making art in a business-like fashion! Hehe…Here’s what I wrote down in the middle of the night recently as I reflected on… Continue Reading “11 Things I’ve Learned From Going Pro”

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