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Opposites Attract

I think this is my most abstract-like-abstract piece ever…I think so! 🤔 Why? Because its minimalist, and minimalism is hard. The thing is, it felt like a triumph just to be able to STOP! Can you relate to how hard it is to stop,… Continue Reading “Opposites Attract”

Purple Haze

I’m tired. Can you tell? Its been a busy and emotional week and today’s effort looks like a dreamy haze of texture, just like my tired brain. I’m wondering if it needs some flowers? I hope you find your dreamy hazy self this evening.… Continue Reading “Purple Haze”

Rebel Flight

Its time for the rebels to fly! Enquiries welcome 😉 I have since edited this piece and it now looks like this…

Glyphs & Cyphers

A mini abstract series with the famous Barnett Newman “zip” in copper metallic. Barnett Newman was one of the New York school of abstract artists and made lots and lots of “zip” paintings. Was inspired to use the zip device in 2018 when I… Continue Reading “Glyphs & Cyphers”

Summer Floral Abstracts

I get the love of flowers from my mum, but eventually, I’ve found a way to make them a bit different to the standard floral presentation. I think it has an ethereal feel to it, this one.

Summer Brightness

abstract flowers in orange bright painting

Spring/early summer is a fantastic time of year, though I get hay-fever when the tree pollen is out, my eyes can’t get enough of natures resplendent display of colour and shape!

Wet Paint: Love Melts Walls – acrylic on canvas – Fresh Original Studio Art!

Quick…its dripping graffiti! Literally just made this. The paint is still wet. I’m going to ask £150 for this one!

Earth Power Rising: finished artwork now available! 😅

abstract oil painting of a plume of flames with small beads of light in the green landscape

Here it is! My new work! I’m quite pleased with it as it’s my first large oil on canvas for a while and I’m already churning with new ideas for my next piece, which means I’ve made a decision to stop here, though of… Continue Reading “Earth Power Rising: finished artwork now available! 😅”

Grace Under Pressure

Bright colourful exuberant art: Acrylic expressionist painting by Phoebe Thomasson

The paint is still drying and I am pleased enough with this one to show you straight away. Acrylic on Canvas 91x123cm 36x48in

The Kimono Code: A Binary Incantation…

“I am already given to the power that rules my fate……” C.Castaneda
This painting contains genuine binary code, is shiny in the light and a bold statement price of acrylic artwork on linen canvas.

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