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Emergent Being: New Work!

Paranoia is like mud
pouring down upon us,
creating dark corners inside us,
destroying our light.
Our world is restricted,
contained, confined –
Divided and locked within itself…and yet…

Small Is Powerful

Topic of the day: Mycoplasm and tiny but powerful things!!! So, I’m listening to a Bushcraft podcast and the guy is relaying his trouble with pain. I’m like – yeah! I get all that! He mentions mycoplasma so I look it up. Here’s the… Continue Reading “Small Is Powerful”


Welcome to the Autumn Equinox episode of painting fun with Phoebe Thomasson in her SUNDAY STUDIO!

Meet Me In The SUNDAY STUDIO! Live painting studio pilot

Woohoo! I’m back and painting again and I made a little video to prove it! Tune in, if you will, tomorrow (Sunday 20th Sept 2020) for the pilot episode of SUNDAY STUDIO and show me you are game by watching, liking and subscribing! That… Continue Reading “Meet Me In The SUNDAY STUDIO! Live painting studio pilot”

Doctor Faustus Comes to Dorchester!

Expect high jinks and plently of knavery in the dark and deadly realm of demonic forces!


a paint party in dorchester! beginners welcome!

…and it was all ORANGE!

As you can probably see already, it’s all gone a bit orange here! I told my friend yesterday that Orange was the future…it was a phone company too, once upon a time but, hey, orange is a colour that is uplifting and that will… Continue Reading “…and it was all ORANGE!”

Blood, Sweat and Sat-Nav! Time Away From “It All”…

Gosh I’m relaxed! This is lovely! We’re holidaying in Weare Giffard, North Devon. It’s tranquil here. There is no kitchen and no clutter and the views are idyllic. What is your “It all” that you need time away from? Mine is the chaos and… Continue Reading “Blood, Sweat and Sat-Nav! Time Away From “It All”…”

‘Seeing’ Art In The Everyday Occurrence

The best art comes from direct ‘seeing’. For instance, just now, a plant is casting a lovely shadow on a manilla sketch book. I see it. I pick up a pencil and draw around the shadow. It is a decision. Now I have an… Continue Reading “‘Seeing’ Art In The Everyday Occurrence”

Happy Solstice!

Yes! It’s the start of summer! Did you feel the heat? Yeah, well it was there for a while but I’ve been busy in my new office/studio updating this blog into a fully functional website! Well, we’re not quite there yet but suffice to… Continue Reading “Happy Solstice!”

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