Buy My Art

art merch by phoebe thomasson on society6 cool gear iphone cases custom art

Society6 does some cool gear but they don’t cover everything. If for example, you don’t have an iPhone or Samsung, I can source custom covers for any phone in any design you fancy from my catalogue.

Buying original art directly from me, the artist…

All my pieces are constructed slightly differently. Some are on canvas, some are on paper. Some pieces will need new stretcher bars and some will need framed. You will need to be clear on what is required to finish or mount the piece properly at your end.

Loose Canvas

Some of my work is done onto loose canvas making it floppy and easy (and much cheaper!) to send through the post. The additional cost will be to get a professional framer to stretch the canvas onto bars, known as ‘stretchers’. If you choose a ‘loose canvas/unstretched’ piece of work, you know you need to book a framer at your end.

Stretched Canvas

These are typically ready to hang but may require some finishing like a frame but are sufficient without one. The cost will be incurred in shipping especially for larger formats.

Please ask me for any details about the work you are not sure of.