The Artist’s Notes

Why Painting?

Doing my thing with paint is what keeps me hopeful and sane in an overwhelming world. Art helps me keep perspective and join the dots of my psyche so to speak. It’s both meditation, contemplation and meaning generator.

I see meaning everywhere; in colour, shape, form and texture which when woven together form an often chaotic process which is akin to chasing after spirits in a dark field.

a buddha with the moon and spirals

My muse is trying to teach me about life, myself and the world. It is fond of reminding me that I am a ‘lazy servant’!

Sometimes I follow uncanny guidance that can only be heard at certain times of the day! It moves with lightning speed and I can barely keep up, hence the strangeness in my work. 

My art doesn’t make sense to everyone but that’s as it should be. If it makes sense to you that’s a sign we are on the same wavelength, but life doesn’t always make sense and art is the antidote to fear, so I do it anyway.

In Deep and Philosophical…

My work is about the achievement of transcendent consciousness through the medium of form in the abstract shape and flow in the expressive meandering line; the fusion of which give rise to meditative states and altered awareness where one can perceive non-ordinary realities beyond our everyday dimension!

(Yeah, I know!)

Influenced by the work of Carlos Castenada and other contemporary shamans and shapeshifters, I look to the pre-industrial cultures and traditions of tribal people’s to inform and guide my approach.

Working from spontaneous marks and shapes and intuitive but carefully chosen colour palettes, I use my Second-Attention (Toltec term for the altered state of awareness) to build an image form that bypasses the rational linear mind.

This is the challenge, always; to circumvent the everyday awareness and initiate the hunt for something deeper, more profound and archetypal.

Art as Antidepressant…

Recent work has me exploring abstract shape which is more akin to the masculine linear psyche. The neon in my UV work is restorative in its intensity and purity of colour.

An antidote to the darkness of overcast weather both external and internal. They are in effect the anti-depressants of the collection; the bright things on a dull day and a change of scene from my adventures in the underworld…

Thoughts on Differentism…

Subterranean and extra terrestrial, Nazca lines and war paint… there is nothing dull or uniform here, and that is the principal behind DIFFERENTISM.

Everyone who walked into my exhibit space in the last few years commented on how ‘different’ all my work is. I can’t seem to produce a series because I don’t like to copy myself; I just can’t do it, so I am standing as a proponent for constant change and innovation, in art, in life, in business and in love. We are all different, why not embrace and celebrate that fact?

For more thoughts and ramblings you can visit my blog WORD ROBOTNIK.

I hope you feel inspired to get creative now!

Thanks for your time.

All the best,

Phoebe 🙂 xx

Phoebe  Thomasson is a multi-media artist, mother of one, amateur actor, blogger and writer.

Can be contacted at

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