a woman in a sarong sat in meditation pose with the many arms of shiva shakti photo art by adamwhitephotography dorset uk

As Artist

b. 1972 Portsmouth, South UK. Phoebe has been creatively active throughout her life in both art and music.

Mainly self taught and now specialising in abstract, semi-abstract and figurative styles that depict the interior life as she sees it, with a flair for colour blending and design based motifs.

Her work is exciting and dynamic as it tackles basic questions like ‘what are we made of, beyond the flesh?’, ‘How do we feel, and what do we see when we imagine something’.

Phoebe’s main joy is in creating from a space of complete emptiness, spontaneous pieces with no set agenda.

With years as a serious hobbyist, she has had no-one to please but herself in her painting, her style and rhythm remaining untutored and untamed.

It is up to the looker to see the dance that she is dancing as she endeavours to communicate the beauty, strangeness and grandeur of the universes that she sees in everything around her.


As Model

Currently working collaboratively with Adam White Photography in Dorchester, Dorset and also modeling part time for Abbotsbury Studio’s.

As Writer

Prolific, profane, compassionate, unconventional and distinctive, Phoebe’s writing has developed through use primarily as a medium for dealing with the deep personal disruption caused by mental illness prevalent throughout her twenties and thirties.

I write because it is one of the best ways I’ve found for extricating myself from mental overload.

I write because I want to know what I am thinking and feeling and its easier to be objective once its all down on paper.

As a form of pure self-expression and as part of my medicine bag of healing tools, writing has been my companion through hard times.

Poetic and spiritual, worldly and streets, Its like having a Shaman in your pocket.

Words come through me in much the same way as the art does. I just have to show up and I usually find something to say.

It helps me deal with life, to put stuff in perspective and to offload some of the stress of figuring it all out.

I like to know what’s happening and I’m always learning so there is simply too much to fit in my head; writing therefore, is a natural extension of my thought process.

I studied writing and self-taught using books such as ‘Writing Down The Bones’ (book link below) by Natalie Goldberg and ‘Writing Spirit’ by Lynn V. Andrews.

My writing is oriented to slightly confuse the rational mind. Why?

Because I’m engaged in a constant battle with the rational mind and think it is often in need of updates!

I find that truth is perceived in the places where rational thinking is not dominant.

Psychology is limited in it’s use if we are not comfortable with our irrational selves.

Phoebe Thomasson
April 2016
Dorchester, Dorset, UK

For more of Phoebe’s writing see her blog WORD ROBOTNIK

Photograph & Photo artwork by Adamwhitephotography

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