The mountains I had to climb make it back into the studio…

I began this new piece, which was originally drafted in charcoal on 15th August 2022, my 50th birthday! I know right!?

I like to start a new work on my birthday and at Christmas; Solstices and Equinoxes may also be used as an excuse to do this. Why I think I still need an excuse is beyond me, but it’s definitely a ceremonial thing marking the passage of time.

Oh joy! Oily drippings and rocky outcrops suits my psychic demographic right now. Art is a kind of dig for treasure or excavation. Most of it is just dirt and digging, but sometimes when the mood strikes right and the moon is waxing, I feel a blinder coming through. Just don’t overwork it, I say to myself. I say that a lot. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I don’t.

I have the key…

Tonight’s work I dedicate to my friend Debbie, who is now on the other side. Godspeed. Xxxx

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