Getting Plastered on a…Monday?

Lockdowns around the world may have affected us all quite differently, but they were certainly dramatic for everyone!

Here at bright-moon HQ, our answer to the endless empty hours of ‘no-social-life’ was to rip out the tatty 1980’s fitted kitchen and banish it from existence. A year later we have a floor sorted and have done all deconstruction.

Well, I’m now ecstatically happy to report that my part of the renovations process is now underway. As you may have guessed already, I’m learning how to plaster! I’m an old hand at performance anxiety, but I wasn’t expecting it…for plastering the walls! It’s quite nerve wracking.

They said it would be messy the first time and they were not wrong. I managed to tip the stuff all over myself and a fair bit on the floor. Mostly it went on the walls however, and I didn’t overdo it! That’s a really good thing. Ah! Satisfaction!

My first ever ‘mud’ wall!

I am so excited It’s finally happening! About time as I was getting bored and frustrated waiting and prepping. I bust nearly every muscle and tendon in my body and bounced back for more. I’m impressed, with myself. What more can a girl ask for?

More tools! Funky socks ‘n sandals…
That’s what ya need!

Tune in, drop out and watch this space for more renovations stories and lots of abstract textures. Yummy!

Peace☮️ & Love❤️

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