Analyze This! Making Something Outta Nothing…

I self medicate with art, sleep, tears and acceptance…

Bird Consciousness

Not a lot to show this week, though I have been writing quite a bit. I’ve been depressed, hence why black & white feels appropriate.

Freud? Jung? Where art thou?

Depression is a weird thing. I’ve struggled with it my whole life. I think, because I overthink, therefore I’m busy up there all the time. This is exhausting! I don’t use big pharma though. I self medicate with art, sleep, tears and acceptance.

Mark making! Turned into a dog…

Mark making is a great way to develop spontaneous gestures in your work. I don’t usually develop my marks into things, but I decided to go ‘non-abstract’ for an experiment. Looks like I found my subconscious right!? Must be in transition or something. Healing? Could be…

Here are the RAW marks I made at the start, quite a difference now huh?

If you are interested in learning more, sign up for future posts. It’s time for me to open up. I’m gonna tell you everything. Love. Peace. Joy! X

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