METAMORPHOSIS! Live Art, Music & Beat Poetry: Transforming the world one #hashtag at a time!

Last night was brilliant. For all who attended, thank you. Money was raised and a good time had catching up with old faces. I had such a good time. My spoken word went down well.

Here is the poem I performed. I’m planning to record it and make a video. It’s much better as a live ‘spoken word’ piece but here are the words in the meantime. I hope they inspire.

Hashtag #War

I have sat all week
with this war.
My ass is sore,
and my tendons numb,
from scrolling
one by one,
they come,
the likes
the comments
the re-shares,
Hashtag War,
Hashtag Hashtag...

Give me more!

'This is not even
real!' - I heard
a man say.

They must be good actors
on very low pay?

I say...

I have sat ALL WEEK
with this goddamn war,
Imbibing information
through news report,
as the brave ones fight
into the night,
their AK's slung
across their shoulders
They grip to their task
as the world watches on...

What can I do?
I am only


One person can say
what's on her mind,
or paint a picture
to see what she can find...

One person can learn
to speak the truth.
One person can sing
to raise the roof!

One person can tread
a different path.
One person is all it takes,
to make you laugh.

So, turn not away
from the thing
that you fear -
turn to face it,
you will still be here.

For as long as one person
can raise a smile,
for that person -
I'll walk a mile.


Back to the question,
the thing I was saying,
(don't mention the war
or the games
they are playing!)

What is it good for?
Do you see where I'm going?
We have to find out,
all the things we are knowing,

Like trust,
and resilience.
Things like that.
Learning to value
the place we're at...

And things
like hope,
and faith
(in the thing),
an uplifting notion
that makes you sing.

So it comes from that place
so deep inside,
all the fragility
we commonly hide...

Will all be revealed,
and just like before
when we wake up,
and stand up,
and walk
through that door.

So step into yourself,
your freedom's inside!
But you must release
all the fear that you hide,
and cry for the times
when the innocence lost,
to the darkness of fear
(and we counted the cost).

The body it knows,
how it goes,
how it goes.

But realise this,
you are not what you think!
You are the observer,
The feeler,

But not just a thought,
or even belief,
neither a prince
or a beggar or theif!

You are the light!
of awareness
right here!

And here's a reminder,
now go have a beer!

     - Phoebe Thomasson 2022

First performed by Phoebe on the 8th March 2022, at “Metamorphosis”, an exhibition of Dorset artists for International Women’s Week and fundraiser for WAND: Women’s Action Network Dorset in association with Weymouth College Degree students.

A fantastic night for a very good cause


“Universal Mind”

Hope you enjoyed this post. Much more is on the way as I expand my practice in 2022. Take care. X

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{“chi” inspired by author Jamie Wheal}

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