Small Is Powerful

Topic of the day: Mycoplasm and tiny but powerful things!!!

So, I’m listening to a Bushcraft podcast and the guy is relaying his trouble with pain. I’m like – yeah! I get all that! He mentions mycoplasma so I look it up. Here’s the link I found:

About Mycoplasms & Symptoms of Pain/Fatigue

Could this be the cause of years of pain?

A brief story:

I went to Morocco in 1992 with a college expedition. It was fab, except I got very ill. I couldn’t reach the top of Toubkhal, the mountain we were climbing. I stayed at base camp with some of the others and shat rusty water into an overflowing shit hole, tripping out to a fever and All About Eve. How could I forget? I wonder if I caught a mycoplasm?

Ever since that experience I’ve had extremely hard times with gut pain and fatigue. I went on to develop schizophrenia and depression, anxiety and other stuff, but it all began with The Pain! It’s never been diagnosed to my satisfaction, so I limp along at my own pace doing what I can. Maybe it’s the microscopic of our world that truly rule us? Just look at Covid-19! It’s a virus and it’s microscopic! Teeny tiny! And very powerful. Just think about how small things rule our fate.

What tiny action can you make today that makes someone’s day? Someone bought me a coffee today on my new discovery, Ko-fi. That’s the kind of medicine we need. After all…small is powerful! Right?


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