It’s all gone pink and black and boxy!

I dunno!? Don’t ask me, I’m just the artist!

It’s all gone pink and black again! What’s on?

The World Now = A time of extreme contrast between love and despair, isolated in our little boxes, we all feel the same things, all have the same available colours and textures, all expressed in different ways. All surrounded by highways of love? Maybe?

Whatever it means, I feel exhausted and weary of this whole lockdown thing, as I’m sure you do too, but the art keeps on coming anyway, but only because I keep showing up.

I’m trying, I think, to find my lighter and perhaps more methodical, even philosophical side to balance the darkness and the tragedy. Nothing says it like pink…and black. Right?

The key is to keep on showing up and rocking your own box of colours! 🤗

Rock your boxes!

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