Back to Green & Blue; The Evolution of a Painting…

Many of my paintings undergo a lengthy and rigorous process of change and “obliteration” during their evolutionary development… Most of which involves lots of just ‘looking’.

This oil painting is no exception and I took lots of process shots to show you the dramatic difference between where it begins, and where it ends, not that it’s finished of course, but I’m waiting for the paint to dry so I may as well do something else! 😉

I did lots of nail scraping of the wet oil paint, with my latex gloves on! They are a boon!
This many-layered painting as it stands today, right after an obliteration!

Check out the history of this painting below!
This is how it was this morning before I ‘obliterated’ it again! I needed to lose the white because it reminded me too much of bird shit! 🤣 That was done during the previous obliteration; I was in some kind of hurry!
This is where I stalled for a while. Just couldn’t get past the phrase ‘many Iatolla’s’ do you see what I mean? 😬
So far so good, if you like pastels!? Looks a bit bodily/fleshy don’t you think? 🤔
Must paint lines and patterns! Shows the restrictive headspace I was in. These dark blue marks were like ants marching in a formation to me.
Drips! Got to be drips! I’m obviously in an obsessive mood at this point (patterns & repetition) and consciously trying to loosen up! 🤣
I saw these yellow blobs in my mind’s eye and went from there. Working in reverse, it is quite a different place from which I started, I’m sure you agree!

Updates to follow
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