Painting In Progress: Character Development of Kity Ren

Character Development/illustration

Last night I got to put the first layer of acrylic wash onto Kity, my story character and muse. I have been crafting a story with her as my main character for some time.

I’m using transparent ‘shading gray’ by Golden, which is liquid and ink like, and high viscosity titanium white by Pebeo Studio. Works nicely I think. I’m not going near color until the structure is there.

Her body is not really long enough so I need to play with the foreshortening, though the effect works in general so I might just leave her be for now.

Art is all about making decisions and there are lots to make when dealing with figures!

I under-painted, sculpted, and sealed the paper with gesso primer. I’m using Boldmere from The Works, which is super cheap but does the job!

Original under sketch in graphite with a little water smudge effect.

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Thank you!

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