The Mermaid of Ope Cove?

Imagine a mermaid coming to shore, and hearing once more the call of the land; she’s heard it before and she’s looking to be, to become something else; She is looking to see, to become and transfigure to something much more, and different and bigger, to something another and dryer not wetter, to something that’s more than a creature of water like all that she’s known in the depths just forever, before…before.

how can it be?

What if she can’t bear, upon breathing in the dry thin air, the cruelty of men as it hangs off the land and everywhere, and it weakens her soul turns here eyes into coal, and she fell where she stood and she died on the spot on the shore on a rock just before she could get in some air and she wasn’t aware that she couldn’t get back to the water?

…oh dear!

Imagine a hero who hears her calls. Imagine another who’s there before she can perish? Oh yes! And again! What would happen and how would it be if this witch of the sea came to live with the likes of you and me? What would we say to one who was silver and waxen with hair that is golden and flaxen and how would we play and what would we say and how would we deal with such beauty i ask like the moon she reflects in the ‘watery way’? I say! Can you see? That hero is me! I will save you my mermaid and keep you and soothe you and make you a home in the heart I have made.

Draft: Mermaid Sept 1st 5:28 am

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