Kity Ren & The Argent Fire 🔥

♥Synopsis#1 (In Imagery)

Kity Ren has two lives.

One in the upper, everyday world where she is a real functioning person, and the other in a world of power and mystery; the realm of archetypes.

The realm of powerful entities, possessive spirits, and hungry ghosts…

She and her fellow Knights are trained in psychic and sometimes physical combat.

She is gifted in the art of seeing, stalking and dreaming.

Kity is part of a lineage of neo-shamans that journey through the portals of time and space to inter-dimensional worlds beyond and yet inexplicably entwined with our own.

They read nature in the stones and the bones of a place.

She is a peacekeeper, a warrior and this is the story of her ultimate undoing:

Love! But not like we know it…this love is dark and ferocious, unbridled and black to its core!

It is The Dark Lord himself…🖤 …

This is a story of overcoming passions’ grip to find the pearl within…

The Argent Fire 🔥

A fire that purifies all negativities, karmas, and debts.

It returns lost souls to their rightful places in the world and heals the sick.

It is the holy grail of the bodhisattvas, the monks and the buddhas.

It is what the Knights have been searching for all this time, and she just found the door.

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About Phoebe Thomasson

I am in love with expression in all forms; art, poetry, writing, music, dance...I want to inspire creativity, foster understanding and nurture the process of transformation in myself and others. In short, I want to evolve. This requires trust in speaking one's truth and freedom from fear and shame. If we cannot speak our truth without shame, then we have far to go! Join me as I heal my psyche through the creative process and find interesting perspectives as I go about my personal evolution as an artist, mother, and Shaman.

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