Blood, Sweat and Sat-Nav! Time Away From “It All”…

Gosh I’m relaxed! This is lovely!

We’re holidaying in Weare Giffard, North Devon. It’s tranquil here. There is no kitchen and no clutter and the views are idyllic.


What is your “It all” that you need time away from?

Mine is the chaos and the clutter in our house and the endless little jobs needing done and also the washing up! Oh, and don’t forget the washing machine, the dishwasher, the tumble dryer, the TV, the telephone, the endless Amazon deliveries! (I know!)… That’s my “It all”!

Noise and distraction.



So. Now I finally have a little time away from the noise and the distraction, I can process. I can think about the successes, the failures and the everything of life and the growth and the decay of stuff. The natural cycles and the ebb and flow, the peaks and troughs.

Let the past die.

I’m thinking…

I am launching a new me, building a new life from the foundations already created and nourished with the compost of old paths already lived. I am forgiving myself all my failures and working on improvement.

So my holiday packing is crap and I never seem to have the right clothes, but I can improve with practice and anyway, I really can survive the second or third round of a sweaty top without dying, and it’s not the end of the world if my clothes mismatch! Is it?

What else?

So, I still get lost in rural areas, even with the techno wizard Google Maps at my side with her lustrous, strict voice…

” Turn Left!”

Not this time, oh Google, Goddess of roads! Its time to take the power back; I’ve been that way before and it didn’t work then, so how is it going to work now?

You may take me the shortest route, but you know not, how narrow are the lanes on which you bid me drive!


Sat-nav is amazing and I wouldn’t be without it now, but only up to a point. It can take you round the houses, or the general postcode area!


When you’re honing in on your destination, sat-nav is like listening to old programming when you should be trusting your instinct and asking the locals!

Sometimes you just have to turn the program off and look directly at the terrain with uncluttered vision.

Put down the “it all” and live a different way. Even if it’s only for a day or three.

Happy holidays y’all!


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