‘Seeing’ Art In The Everyday Occurrence

The best art comes from direct ‘seeing’.

For instance, just now, a plant is casting a lovely shadow on a manilla sketch book. I see it.

I pick up a pencil and draw around the shadow. It is a decision. Now I have an idea. I ‘saw’ the ‘art’ in a situation, an occurrence.

The shadow is the occurrence and the ‘art’ is made when I lift and press my pencil around the shadow cast. Otherwise its just a shadow on a book.

Without the artist, there is only occurrences and happenings, but no art.

It’s that simple, and that profound.

That’s the essence of art-making for me, at least.

The only prerequisite for this to happen is that you need to stop everything and look.

Look hard, look lightly, until you ‘see the art in every day’.

And maybe a pencil…

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