Happy Solstice!

Yes! It’s the start of summer! Did you feel the heat?

Yeah, well it was there for a while but I’ve been busy in my new office/studio updating this blog into a fully functional website! Well, we’re not quite there yet but suffice to say I will be updating things a little more often around here as my old self-hosted domain goes down this weekend and this here blog will now become my main site. Having a real website with plug-ins et al was fun for three years but it’s just not worth it for me; there’s no time to run an entire website, let alone a shop.

So…talking of letting things go…

I lost my nan this day two years ago, so Solstice has become a slightly more bitter-sweet day than it ever was. Last year we were still reeling, but this year the dust has settled and reflections are setting in. Like time. Nan would have been one hundred by now…that’s a long time to live! Bless her, she was a real trooper, a wonderful person.

Nanna Freda 1919-2017

What’s on the easel today pheebs?

Freda enjoyed my art, but in her dementia years she didn’t hold back from telling me what she didn’t like. I wonder if she would have liked my dancing men? This is what is on my easel today and I’m wondering whether to give them war paint. I think so. Let me think about that around the solstice camp fire tonight. Lets hope its not too windy or we’ll be dancing around like these dudes dodging sparks. Let sparks fly. It’s time to celebrate!

Desert Dancers – work in progress

Thanks for your time and feedback!



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