Art & Technology?

I’m smitten by this new app from Google called Picas. £10 later I have an HD version, endless filters and sharing capabilities.

I’m stumped with one question. Although the original image is mine and in this instance its a painting on a shirt, so there’s no copyright issue, but when does it stop being art?

Now if I could put this in paint I’d be happy. But a digitally manipulated print? Hm. Maybe I’m just a purist. Perhaps I need to loosen up?

Well, whatever. At least I have something new to try with paint. I guess the sky is the limit and you, the audience will decide what is art and what is not in the end analysis by what you like, or don’t like!

But you know what, who cares about any of that? I love this app and no one is paying me a bean to say so!

Nice one Google.

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