Is Everything a Bit Clearer?

Okay, folks. This is me checking in officially for the first time in 2018. Yeah sure I’ve been throwing a few bits in here and there via my phone but I am only just getting my systems working smoothly enough to be able to take some time and sit and write honestly to you. About what? What do you want to know about me? You are reading this because of your curiosity, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have signed up or clicked through!

Let us talk about the importance of curiosity, rather than me boring you with the details of my life. I’m curious to see what happens if I change something. What can I change that will make me feel a bit more here? A bit more present in my life?
Well, I’m working on that question all the time. I remember a book I bought my dad years ago called ‘how to think like a genius’ but I can’t remember anything else about it, other than the ‘stay curious’ section. In fact, a lot of that book was for me. I think my dad already was a genius! It was actually me buying that book for myself (which is why I’m always rubbish at buying presents for anyone but me… it’s all about me, me, me!! 😉
The genius thing is totally relevant to being an artist, and for knowing how to be an artist you have to be curious as to what makes YOU an artist and what makes other people NOT artists. So you’re different. How? Why? Is this a good thing?
Yes, it is. That’s why I invented the term Differentism. It’s about embracing one’s differences, and knowing what they are FOR and how they change your perception of the world, and why changing one’s perception of the world is important on SO many levels.
Are you curious yet?
Keep observing.

My next exhibition will be Dorset Art Weeks 2018 in Dorchester, Dorset.
Everyone is welcome.
Find details about the countywide open studio event, and the online brochure here (when it’s ready!):

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