LAST WEEKEND of Artwey: Open for Art 2017 Exhibition

Open Studio/Exhibition/Sculpture Garden: NOW ON!

Fri 2nd/Sat 3rd/Sun 4th June 2017: 11 am – 8 pm @11 Lancaster Road, Dorchester

A new piece of work recently finished. 24c Gold Leaf! “Sky Mother Protector” £700 original painting

Artwey is an organization based in Weymouth and Portland but 2017 see’s it’s expansion for the first time into Dorchester and Poundbury.

We are happy to welcome the public into our home again for the first time under this banner. It follows in the footsteps of Art Weeks which is a larger more established event with the same format run by Dorset Visual Arts. See details below for hours and directions. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer by way of originality and novelty in my paintings.

In the run up to this year’s exhibition, I have been putting my efforts into the development of some older paintings and taking them to the ‘next level’. It is a good time to be spontaneous and work quickly, as there is no better motivation than a deadline to focus the attention!

A note on my progress…
I feel like I’m finally starting to master acrylic painting, in my own way of course; I can now see my confidence coming through, as I start to blend the various techniques and approaches I’ve developed through my practice over the years.

There is nothing more satisfying than attaining the balance between Risk and Confidence, and to see a painting resolving itself in front of your eyes.

Recently I decided to take an older piece of work into a new dimension. That meant almost completely destroying the former image. It is no longer the same painting but undoubtedly it is a better one.

Without a measure of confidence in myself to be able to develop a piece of work to the extent of almost completely reworking it, without destroying the underlying theme or shape, is such a major achievement for me. I feel I am finally reaching the levels of precision and control over my mediums that I’ve so longed for.
This is good.
Long may it continue.

ultraviolet chakra wheel in pink and green painting by phoebe thomasson
One of my UV pieces called “Love”
Spiral Lantern by Mike Bamber a.k.a. “Spirally Mike”



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